GitHub Webhook Integration with Localhost Jenkins

Have you ever thought about integrating your GitHub source code repository with a localhost Jenkins build server so that automated builds could be triggered upon code commit. This article will demonstrate how to integrate your GitHub project with your localhost Jenkins server, so that your team could enjoy the benefits of continuous development.

How Reverse SSH Tunneling Works

Typically, SSH clients connect to a SSH server running in a local network or in a public network. But if you want SSH access to the SSH client from the SSH server, then you need to do the reverse. Sometimes, you may want to access a SSH Client behind NAT, from a public SSH server. For this we need to create SSH tunnel from the SSH client.

Remote access your localhost nodejs app

Let's assume you have a nodejs web application that runs in your personal laptop or in a server in your office LAN network. Anyone outside of your office network cannot access the web application because the application runs in your local network. Suppose you want to expose the web application to the internet, so that your customers or remote employees can access it from anywhere in the world.