What is SocketXP ?

SocketXP is a lightweight VPN alternative that connects applications or IoT devices in your local network, behind NAT and firewall, to online applications in the public internet over secure SSL tunnels.

SocketXP Workflow

Step 1.

Download a simple SocketXP agent to run on your local machine (a server/laptop/IoT device behind NAT/Firewall) and provide it the port of a network service (a web server, ssh server, or any web application), you want to access from the internet.  Let’s take NodeJS web application as an example.

SocketXP How it works - Install SocketXP Agent


Step 2.

The agent will establish a connection with the SocketXP Cloud Gateway to form a stable and secure tunnel.  The SocketXP Cloud Service will in turn provide a unique public endpoint (URL) to access your service (NodeJS app in this example) from anywhere in the world.


SocketXP How it works - Install SocketXP Agent


Step 3.

When you access the public URL, SocketXP Cloud Gateway will securely relay your traffic via the tunnel to the SocketXP agent.  SocketXP agent will then relay the traffic to the network service running in your local machine.


SocketXP How it works - Install SocketXP Agent