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Remotely manage, access and update smart devices in your smart city projects using SocketXP IoT Remote Management Platform.

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The ability to constantly monitor and remotely control devices in your smart city projects is crucial. Smart city IoT projects and devices often need to function 24/7, and there is not always a quick way to physically reach them in the event of an issue.

Device Monitoring

Device monitoring monitors your devices 24x7 and generates alerts in the event of errors

Remote Control

Remote SSH into your device to debug and fix any software or configuration issues.

Device Status

View the status of your entire device fleet from a single dashboard.

Update Software

Push software updates and bug fixes with a single click to a fleet of devices.

Industry Case Study

iot device management software

ABC Smart City Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of smart traffic management systems(TMS) and smart parking management systems(PMS) for smart city projects. They help build smart cities to improve the efficiency and sustainability of city operations. The solution uses video cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence(AI) to monitor traffic flow, parking spaces and a smart phone app for citizens to access all the smart city amenities.

However, on a major city event day, a software bug in the system caused the parking sensors to misbehave. The sensors were showing available parkings as unavailable and unavailable parkings as available in the app. This caused a lot of confusion and frustration for drivers, and it led to a lot of traffic congestion.

ABC’s engineers used the SocketXP IoT Remote Access Platform to securely login to their smart parking monitoring and management systems deployed in the city, quickly identified the software bug and developed a fix. They then used SocketXP’s OTA Update feature to remotely push the software fix to all of their parking monitoring systems with a single click. The fix was deployed within minutes, and the parking sensors were back to working normally. The traffic congestion was quickly resolved, and the city event was able to continue without further interruption.

SocketXP provides multiple tools under one cloud platform that are crucial for the day-to-day management of smart city IoT projects. For instance, SocketXP remote control tool provides the option to remotely SSH login to the IoT gateway, debug the software, or alter its configuration settings. SocketXP also continuously monitors the functioning of these devices and generates alarms when errors occur. SocketXP OTA update tool pushes bug fixes or software updates to a fleet of smart devices with a single-click.

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