Public URL for your localhost web app

Github webhook relayed to your Jenkins server


Secure SSH tunnels to your remote IoT devices

IoT Remote SSH Access To Raspberry Pi

Use Cases

Public URL for your localhost server

Get a quick public URL for your localhost web server. Demo websites or web applications under development in your Laptop to your customers or co-workers, without deploying it in a production server.

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WebHooks Proxy Service

Get your webhook notifications from GitHub or GitLab relayed to your Jenkins server running in your office private network, without exposing your Jenkins server to the internet via a public IP address.

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Remote SSH to your IoT & Raspberry Pi

Easily create remote SSH and SSL/TLS tunnels to your industrial IoT devices, Home Assistant, Node-RED, Grafana, and Cloud9 running in your home automation server.

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  • Do you have an alway free plan?
    Yes. We have an always free plan that comes with limited features and functionalities.
  • Do you have any free trial period ?
    No. We don't have any free trial periods. But, we have a 14-day money back guarantee for all our paid subscription plans. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, ask for a refund and we refund your money back. No questions asked.
  • How many IoT Devices can I connect per account?
    SocketXP cloud service is highly scalable solution that can dynamically scale based on demand. SocketXP Cloud Gateway runs in the Google Kubernetes Engine as a Docker Container (Pods). We can scale automatically based on demand. Currently, we support upto 10,000 IoT devices per account on our IoT Enterprise Plan.
  • Where is SocketXP Cloud Gateway deployed?
    SocketXP Cloud Gateway runs in the Google Cloud Platform in the US-Central Region. Depending on where you are located in the globe, your access speed may vary.
  • How secure is SocketXP solution?
    SocketXP uses SSL/TLS for encrypting data transmitted over the public internet to our HTTP tunnel endpoints. Even our free tier services are provided with HTTPS based public endpoints, meaning data is encrypted at all tiers. However, our public TCP tunnels are the only ones that accept data natively from the internet. Most TCP tunnel use cases are for IoT Remote SSH Access. So if your use our public TCP tunnels for SSH remote access then your data is already encrypted using your public key. So your data will be secured during the transmission.
  • Do you have any discounts for Universities and students?
    Yes. We have special discounts for Universities, Students and Freelance Developers. Write to us:
  • Can you create a new SocketXP Cloud Gateway instance closer to my geographical location?
    Yes. We can create a new instance of SocketXP Cloud Gateway in your geographical location for business or enterprise users. Please write to us:
  • Can we get a software licensing for SocketXP Cloud Gateway?
    Yes. If you want to run your own instance of SocketXP Cloud Gateway for security or any reasons, that is a possibility. SocketXP Cloud Gateway licensing option is available for enterprise customers only. Please write to us: