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Manage, access and update your remote Linux, Raspberry Pi and IoT devices without compromising security.

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Remote SSH Access

SSH into your remote IoT, Raspberry Pi, and cloud resources from our dashboard via a browser.

Remote Desktop VNC Access

Securely connect to Remote Desktop or VNC server in your Linux devices behind NAT router, over the internet.

IoT DevOps Automation

Automate DevOps workflows and continuously deploy new versions of your application software as OTA updates to your IoT and Edge Linux devices

Web Service Remote Access

Get secure public web URL for your private IoT web app, database and access it through a secure SSL/TLS tunnel.

IoT Remote Monitoring

Offload monitoring your IoT devices to SocketXP and receive webhook notifications on Slack when your device status changes.

Team Member Access

Share your SocketXP account with your team members, customers and vendors.

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Why SocketXP IoT Platform

Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security for all connecting devices and apps. All connecting devices and apps are authenticated using strong auth-tokens and private keys.

SSO Login & MFA

SocketXP uses Multi Factor Authentication offered by your SSO providers such as Microsoft 365, G Suite to authenticate users during login.

Secure Tunnels

All data tranmsmitted through SocketXP tunnels over Internet are SSL encrypted. TLS tunnels send data encrypted end-to-end.

IP Whitelisting

Restrict access to your IoT devices by whitelisting the IP adddresses from which the IoT devices could be accessed.

No Open Ports

SocketXP IoT Platform, unlike other vendor solutions, does not open up your device ports to the internet. Port scanners and hackers cannot scan your device ports.

Massively Scalable

SocketXP Cloud Gateway is a cloud native app, that could easily scale automatically to serve >100K devices.

Programmability & Automation

SocketXP provides fully functional REST APIs to integrate your application with SocketXP IoT Platform. Automate your DevOps workflow using SocketXP OTA update REST APIs.

Platform & OS Agnostic

SocketXP IoT solution works on any hardware platform - ARM 32-bit, ARM 64-bit, x86 16-bit, x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit processors running any OS.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a free plan?

    Yes. We do have a generous free plan that comes with access to all our features, including premium features. No credit card is required. Free plan is valid for 30 days. Upgrade to a paid plan is required after this period. Free plan usage is subject to our fair-use policy.

  • SocketXP uses SSL/TLS X.509 certificates and keys for encrypting data transmitted over the public internet from all endpoints to our cloud gateway. It is the same technology used by the banks and governments for exchanging confidential data over the internet.

    SocketXP does NOT expose your IoT device ports (TCP ports) directly to the internet through our cloud gateway, unlike other IoT remote access solutions in the market. Basically, SocketXP solution does NOT perform 'port-forwarding', like other vendors do. We enforce Zero Trust Security at all our access endpoints.

    SocketXP's advanced security features like time-bound authtokens expire after a certain time period. These authtokens can be used only for specific purposes such as device registration, device access, REST API access etc.

  • SocketXP Cloud Gateway is a massively scalable solution (>1M devices) that can dynamically scale based on demand. Each subscription plan comes with its own maximum limit.

  • SocketXP Cloud Gateway runs in the US-Central (Iowa) Region and Europe (Frankfurt, Germany) Region. Depending on where you are located in the globe, your access speed may vary. European customers are recommended to use the Europe gateway.

  • Yes. We can create a new instance of SocketXP Cloud Gateway in your geographical location for high-volume users. We can also install, support and manage dedicated on-prem or private cloud version of SocketXP IoT Cloud Gateway for your exclusive private use. Please write to us: [email protected]

  • If you are unable to connect to your device from the SocketXP web portal, it is either your device is powered down or it doesn't have a stable internet connection or a firewall setting is blocking SocketXP agent from connecting to our cloud gateway. Please check our troubleshooting guide for more tips on what you could next:

  • Yes. You can purchase the software license of SocketXP IoT Management Platform for self-hosting. Please write to us: [email protected]

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